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La Venezia: How artisanal ice cream has resulted in success on a large scale

La Venezia is more than just an ice cream maker. The Dutch specialist in ice cream and dessert products is known for artisanal ice cream in the form of unique ice cream solutions and revolutionary dessert dishes for prominent wholesalers and smaller-scale artisanal customers. The company's revolutionary approach is evident from its ability to address both higher-profile and lower-profile customer segments and serve them efficiently. In other words: industry meets craft. La Venezia does this on an impressive scale, not least thanks to its collaboration with Colac.


Bram Moons, Managing Director of La Venezia, represents the third generation in the history of La Venezia. The first chapters in the firm's story were written in 1983. Since then, Bram has kept the artisanal aspect firmly at the heart of the company's ethos. "We normally produce six to seven million litres of ice cream per year. Once you know that an average portion is 100 grams, you'll understand the scale a little better. At the same time, we're always thinking of new products, both for wholesalers and small ice cream businesses", he states.

A first-rate private label

La Venezia does not approach restaurants directly, instead relying on broad distribution via prominent wholesalers in the food service and hospitality sector. The company makes sure to purchase only the best milk, butter, whipped cream and fresh fruit,  resulting in millions of delicious ice cream products reaching end customers every year.  


Innovation is a key ingredient in this regard, reveals Bram. "We know the market and can soon see where we can have an impact with new products. Ice cream products based on green tea in Asian restaurants are a good example. These concepts develop organically. It's pure product development – an area where we let our experience guide us."

Colac as a partner in the success story

Colac has a key role to play in La Venezia's story. "We've been working with Colac since 2011. Each year, we're making new strides in this partnership in the form of new products. While we can actually take care of a lot ourselves, Colac is a pragmatic choice for us. Thanks to their machines, capacity and in-house expertise in fruit and sauces, Colac can provide us with efficient solutions. It would take us too much effort to deliver Colac's ingredients consistently ourselves. Besides, they're the best at it. So why not work together? If others can do it better, we're happy to outsource the work. This is another ingredient in our success story."

Communicating as peers

When it comes to working together, Colac and La Venezia go hand in hand. Expertise in the same industry and open communication form the basis for this. "We both know the market and we encounter the same issues. If I feel there is room for a specific product on the market – after getting a request from a customer – Colac is a great sparring partner with whom to discuss the matter. Who else would you talk to about concentrates, fruit juices and stabilisers than a specialist in the field?"


Bram only has to think back a couple of months to find a good example of the companies working together. "We had a situation in April where we wanted to launch a new orange and mango product in supermarkets. However, everything had to be taken care of very quickly. In one week, we managed to jointly supply an initial batch of 100 kilograms. One week! It would usually take around two months to get something like that done. That shows Colac's flexibility."


Finally, what does the future hold for La Venezia and Colac?

Bram has a clear idea: "During the year we always receive a lot of customer requests, resulting in an average of five to ten new products per year. We involve Colac in the process depending on our needs for each product. This is how our range grows year after year – as does Colac's role in what we do. Together, we're continuing to evolve."

‘A few words with Colac is enough for me to come up with a clear analysis of how feasible my idea is.'

Bram Moons - Managing Director

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