Artisanal Ice Cream

Ice Cream Ingredients

Chef's tip

We’ll make your custom ice cream mix in batches of 200 kg upwards. We will, of course, keep your unique ice cream recipe completely confidential. Ready to eat recipes are easy to use, save time, and leave less room for mistakes - benefits you can enjoy while also keeping your own unique flavour. Keep your own flavour, and use top-quality ingredients.

Imagine the delicious opportunities.

Serve something you believe in, with high-quality, eye-catching products from Colac.

Your recipe begins at Colac.

Your recipe begins at Colac. We would love to help you launch your ice cream shop; even if you’re established in ice cream, yogurt, pastry, ... making, though, we are the perfect partner to help you keep surprising your customers. Contact us. We’d love to create a solution just for you.

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