12 january 2021 Dairy

SURPRICE – a taste of artisan creativity

The name says it all: Surprice likes to surprise people. Founder and master ice cream chef Christof Thorrez is the driving force behind numerous original creations, including the Candy Bowl, the Christmas Wreath and Candy Cuberdon Drip Cake. The ice cream chef has two ice cream parlours and is known as a trendsetter in the industry. We therefore find it particularly inspiring to be working with Surprice. You can read Christof's testimonial below.

A delicious trendsetter

The idea of setting up Surprice came about when I was working as a Key Account Manager for a bakery supplier and I saw that many freezers were empty. It turned out that bakers didn't have the time or resources to make ice cream cakes according to the strict food safety guidelines. In 2010, I decided to take the plunge and I immediately created my own online store as well. I allowed customers to design their own ice cream cakes and have them delivered to a baker shop near them. This was unique in the sector. Surprice was therefore named Creative Starter of the Year 2011. We are still characterised by this urge to constantly innovate and keep surprising people.

Original ice cream creations … with Colac

I go for high-quality, artisan ice cream to create unique ice cream cakes and desserts. You can order a Candy Bowl, Red Velvet Surprice or Candy Cuberdon Drip Cake. Colac is a great partner for us because of its very extensive range of high-quality sauces, toppings and compounds. When I have an idea, it is very likely that Colac will have the product to actually realise that idea with a new creation. It makes me happy when I notice that our menu is inspiring other ice cream creators. I love to be one step ahead in this business.


Ever closer collaboration

Our partnership with Colac was limited at first, but it has grown year after year. Our collaboration is a two-way street. I buy Colac's products and in return Colac uses my services at trade fairs. When I visited the company in Beerse, I was truly amazed. The production site is magnificent and offers endless possibilities for new recipes and innovations. This is perfectly in line with my personal desire to innovate. I am convinced that together we will do more great things in the future. Colac is also a warm, family business that you can count on. Colac's word is its bond, and I like that.

“I want to make people happy with original artisan creations. That is my goal.”

Read enough? Let’s write your story.

Your process begins at Colac. With our dessert sauces, fruit preparations and warm flavour preparations, you can give your products that extra touch. We’d love to make our expertise available for you so we can look at how we can best meet your needs.

Whether you want to improve a product, adapt a recipe, or even create brand-new products, get in touch with us. We would love to create a solution tailored to your needs.

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