news 4 may 2019

Sustainable water use in the food sector

Water recycling is not just a huge topic all over the world. The food industry is also aware of the importance of water recycling or sustainable water use.

Every year Colac saves up to 9 million water and this can increase in the coming years.

Geert Vermeersch

In the food industry, water is used for heating, cooling and cleaning. Colac has chosen to invest in sustainable water use. A 1.4 million liter water basin was built under the production facility. This large water basin collects rainwater from the roof. This rainwater is then filtered so that it can be used. Colac uses this recycled water in the factory for heating, cooling and cleaning. In the office part, the recycled water is used with heat pumps to heat the offices in the winter and to cool the offices in the summer. We can recycle around 9 million liters of water every year, which can grow even more, depending on the total number of production days in the year.






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